Carl Zeiss Business Partner

Metrology & Microscopy

Partner for the metrology and microscopy sectors Carl Zeiss is a key player in these fields


Schott Business Partner

Illumination devices

Light is an essential element in stereomicroscopy. By using the right type of lighting, the details that are less visible at first glance appear and the contrast increases, making it possible to distinguish the elements of interest. The great variety of tasks from life science to industrial application requires different lighting techniques. SCHOTT offers a complete range of fiberglass and LED lighting systems as well as a wide range of accessories to best meet your individual needs

Mahr Business Partner

Roughness measurements

A wide range of products and solutions for any measurement task. We also offer complete solutions for roughness measurements


Automatical Process Control

Ellisetting is a process automation production tool that perfectly meets the expectations of Industry 4.0. Automated Process Control or APC allows automatical adjustments on any CNC machines to ensure a very good level of quality.

Computed Tomography Image Analysis

With Volume Graphics software, you can analyze and visualize industrial tomography data. The software offers a wide range of practical features.
Analyze, inspect and measure objects in research, production and quality assurance.

Swiss Chronometry Society

The Swiss Chronometry Society (SSC) aims to enhance the expertise of all trades in the watch industry. In a world where innovation is vital, the SSC constitutes a true platform for information, sharing and valorisation of knowledge. It is also the link between the various training institutions and the watch industry.

France and Switzerland Chambers of Commerce

The leading Franco-Swiss business network, the CCI FRANCE SUISSE is an institution which brings together both the vast majority of French establishments identified in Switzerland and numerous Swiss companies maintaining commercial relations with France.

Swiss Federation of Mechanical Professionals

Our federation has more than 500 members from different economic backgrounds but mainly from the machine tool industry.

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