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Computed Tomography Lab

Laboratoire de métrologie, prestation de mesure, centre de démonstration, centre de formation, ingénierie; Rubis Control vous propose un pannel de services autour du contrôle et de la mesure.

Computed Tomography specialist, Rubis Control offers you high-end services with the latest Zeiss technology : MT800 - 225kV

Partner of the tomographic data processing software (Volume Graphics), we offer you the possibility of exploiting your scans in the best way, with the latest available algorithms

Analyse de mousse tomographie.png

Foam Analysis

 Visualize the structure and size of the cells from your foam by calculating its properties

Comparaison CAO tomographie.png

Part to CAD Analysis

Get a precise mapping of the differences between the real part and the CAD model


Porosity Analysis

 Calculate porosity rate, position, size and volume



 Measure your parts and assemblies with ease

Analyse de fibres tomographie.png

Fibers Analysis

Observe the behavior of the fibers inside your part

MT 800 - 225kV.JPG

Our 3D X-Ray

Zeiss Metrotom

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