Stereo and Zoom Microscopes

Benefit from Zeiss quality for the control and visualization of your samples.

Stemi 305

40x to 80x magnification with 10x/23mm Optics

Included :

LED vertical illumination for cavities inspections

Bright and black background lighting for inspection of holes or transparent materials

Options : LED ringlights, spot lights, neon lights

Quick and simple analysis

Perfect for workshops such as : turning, milling, grinding, honing and suitable for general industry.

Price range lower than 2'000.


Stemi 305  Trino

Microscope camera 50:50, phototube C0,5x Integrated

Axiocam camera 105 numerical colors 5 MPixel for live camera or pictures

USB3 connexion, Zen 2 software free for your computer, measurments and analysis are possible

Optional with integrated wifi camera

Suitable for meetings and démonstrations. 

Can get automatically connected to tablets for live display


Stemi 508 

50x to 100x magnification with 10x Optics

Apochromatic Optics, large zoom range 8:1

Stereo images with strong contrast

Wide object field 23mm for maximum confort

Addtional apochromatic lenses available

Work field range from 35mm to 287mm


Stemi 508 Trino


Stemi 508 Trino