Founded in 2015, Rubis Control comes from a close collaboration with Carl Zeiss Industrial Quality Research. Anxious to provide complete solutions to our customers, we offer a range of technical resources around metrology, microscopy and tomography.


Our measurement laboratory benefits from the latest Zeiss technologies. We also offer a wide range of products around visual inspection through Zeiss microscopes and Schott lights.


During your visit to our Demo Center, you will be able to appreciate the quality of our Mahr roughness measuring devices.

Trust, proximity and reactivity are the values ​​of the company.


We are happy to provide a high quality service on a daily basis to meet the needs of our customers. The Rubis Control Team spirit has the passion for our businesses, team player and human skills.

Thanks to our colleagues, our partners and our customers for this daily sharing.

Rubis Control est membre du jury pour le Zeiss Challenge Metrology #2!

La finale aura lieu le mardi 17 mars au Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais, à Paris.

Zeiss Challenge

Metrology 2020

Rubis Control participe à la conférence organisée le 17 février 2020 :

Les outils de demain au service de la production manufacturing - Annecy

Les outils de demain au service de la production manufacturing

Rubis Control sera présent au salon Technopolis le mercredi 5 février 2020 au Forum Fribourg : une journée destinée aux professionnels de l’industrie suisse.

Salon Technopolis

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